Campus Life

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Do we have to attend your church to go to your school?

You do not have to be a Seventh-day Adventist to attend our school, and any questions you may have about our curriculum we will happily do our best to answer for you.

Are you accredited?

Yuma Adventist Christian School is an Accredited through the Seventh Day Adventist School education system. Located in Yuma Arizona, we are part of one of the largest world wide parochial school systems. The Seventh-day Adventist educational system includes elementary and high schools, colleges and universities in countries around the globe.

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Do you wear uniforms?

Yes, our uniform shirts are available for purchase in house. The uniform bottoms must be the color khaki. On P.E. days students will wear their P.E. uniform shirts with basketball shorts or sweatpants.


What grades are available and how are your classes separated?

Our school service grades K-8th. We have multi-grade classrooms. Starting next school year (2025-25), we will split into three classrooms. We will have a K-2nd grade class, a 3rd-5th grade class, and a 6th-8th grade class.